Friday, 19 October 2012


Brain teasers III
1 A man is writing a letter. The power goes out and he dies. Why?
2 A man lives on the 24th floor. He goes to the lobby on the bottom floor every morning to get the newspaper. He rides the elevator up to the 19th floor, then walks up the stairs the rest of the way. Why?
3 A man is in the middle of a room hanging from the ceiling. There is a puddle of water under his feet. There is nothing else in the room. How did he hang himself?
4 A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a glass of water. The bartender looks at him for a minute, then pulls out a gun and points it at the man. The man says "Thank You!" and leaves. Why?
5 A man is lying dead in the middle of a desert. He is wearing a back pack and has a full canteen of water. How did he die?
6 A man lives in a big tower with no windows. The bathroom is at the very top, and his bedroom is at the very bottom. One day he goes up to take a bath. While he was filling the tub, his cat chases a mouse by the door and accidently slams it shut. The guy tries to open the door, but it is stuck. He then tries to shut off the water, but the knob breaks off, and the water won't shut off. The tub begins to overflow and slowly fill the room. How does he survive?
7 A man is riding the elevator down. The lights go out and the elevator stops. He realizes his wife is dead. How does he know this?
8 Two explorers are traveling in the arctic. They come across two bodies frozen solid in the ice, and they immediately know that it is Adam and Eve. How?
9 There is a man lying face down in a cabin, which is in the middle of the forest. The cabin has windows that do not open. He is dead. What happened?
10 Gertrude and Zelda are lying on the floor, dead. There is glass and water all around them. What happened?
11 Two identical twins walk into a bar and have the exact same drink. One drinks it fast, and survives. The other drinks it slow, and dies. How?
12 A girl doesn't want to go home because there is a guy who is wearing a mask waiting for her there. What's happening?

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